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November 23 2015


Battersea Stories

Battersea is located just south of central London, and lies within the London Borough of Wandsworth. It started out as a part of Surrey and was built about a church at the mouth of Falconbrook. It was mostly farmland until the time of the industrial revolution which changed the land a lot, bringing in more roads and transportation routes. Companies and factories came and go, changing and leaving the area behind. Then the big changes came with the introducing of the railways. Currently, Battersea has one of the busiest London Underground stations as it is the centre crossing of multiple locations. This brought a lot of profit and development for the area.

Battersea has a lot of housing estates, with four really notable ones: The Winstanely Estate, Surrey Lane Estate, Doddington and Rollo Estate, and the Patmore Estate, which makes it a great place for relocation. You can trust a reliable man and van Battersea experts to help you with it. The area also has a number of memorable and historic landmarks. Battersea Power Station, for example, is a huge edifice, a former coal-fired power station positioned in Nine Elms, completed in 1939. There have been many attempts at restoring the building since the 1980s, but all to no avail, at least for the moment. There are still plans on making it into an entertainment complex, but transport links are planned to be done no earlier than 2020.

Battersea is definitely renowned for its parks and open space areas. Battersea Park is one of the major parks in London, with astounding 83 hectares of land for walking, picnics, biking, and even houses a zoo. Shaftesbury Park Estate, on the other hand, can give you quite a view into the past with the thousand Victorian houses it is trying to preserve untouched. The former Battersea Town Hall now houses the Battersea Arts Centre, one of the best schools for theatrical and musical arts in the UK. Also in the area you can find the United Kingdom’s oldest and most renowned refuge for stray cats and dogs: the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, which is sponsored and financed entirely with voluntary donations and cares for an average of 9000 animals a year. Religion is not lost in Battersea, as it houses St Mary’s Church, where lies the body of Benedict Arnold, and its window panes celebrate the life and death of Arnold, the Romanticist poet William Blake, the botanist and entomologist William Curtis, and the Romanticist landscape painter JMW Turner.

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